Upcoming Web Camps - Summer 2014

Web Camps are free, no fluff, lots of code events where you can get learn what's new in the Microsoft web platform and how you can put it to use right away. They're by developers for developers - no marketing, just building web apps.


Upcoming events

Here's the list, with speakers:

Fresh ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013.2 Content

We'll be covering all kinds of great new stuff in ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2013.2 and Azure for web developers. We organized the content so we start with tools and frameworks (e.g. ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Visual Studio 2013.2, Azure Web Sites), then dig into some specific scenarios for modern web application development. Here's the general agenda (varies by location, but should give you the general idea):

  • Keynote
  • Introduction to ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013 Web Tools
  • Building Web Applications using the latest ASP.NET technologies
  • Building web front ends for both desktop and mobile using the latest web standards
  • API Services for both web and devices
  • Running, improving and maintaining a site in the real world
  • Real-time Communications with SignalR
  • Wrap Up

Go on, register (links are up above)! And let your web dev friends and co-workers who don't read blogs know, too, because this is a great way for them to get a recap on what's going on with ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2012, HTML5, JavaScript, and more.

And... if we're not coming to a city near you (this time), you can play along from home. There's a complete video recording of our Web Camp from Vancouver posted on Channel 9, and the Web Camps Training Kit includes all the decks and demos, plus 5 in-depth hands on labs.

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