News: 7 hours of free .NET learning for any INETA member! by InnerWorkings

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect chance to sharpen your current skills (or learn some new ones!), with this special free training offer for the INETA community.

Build your .NET skills - for free!
Through June 30, InnerWorkings is giving away 7 hours of the latest hands-on .NET learning to any INETA member, no strings attached. This is your chance to sharpen your current skills or learn some new technologies at no cost, using InnerWorkings Developer. The 7 hours of .NET learning include the following technologies:

  • ADO.NET Data Services
  • Silverlight 2
  • Threading

Learn by doing
At  InnerWorkings, we believe in hands-on learning – check out our quick product tour for more information. Our learning environment is integrated with Visual Studio and our patented code-judging engine provides instant feedback on your solutions. Take us up on our offer and we're confident you'll see the value of our hands-on approach.

Tell a friend
This InnerWorkings offer is completely free to the entire INETA community, so please forward this email to your local members and to other INETA regional directors so they can share it with their members. Challenge your INETA group to learn with you! Remember, this free offer ends after June 30 so act today!

Happy Coding,

Clare Gormley

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