News: DevExpress Webinar THIS Week - Reporting

XtraReports – Resolving the Reporting Dilemma

Producing reports has traditionally been a tedious task at best.  XtraReports resolves the reporting dilemma by providing an advanced reporting tool integrated into Visual Studio that uses the same design techniques you are already accustomed to.   This webinar demonstrates the ease of producing reports with common business requirements such as parameters, conditional formatting, calculated fields, subreports, drill-down reports, and so on.  The End-User report designer is examined as a way to provide reporting capabilities to the end-user, allowing you to focus on more advanced (and interesting) reporting requirements.

Joining DevExpress for the webinar will be Joe Kunk. Joe is a Microsoft MVP and Senior Consultant at A. J. Boggs & Company of Okemos, Michigan.  He has been developing software solutions for education, business, and government for over 25 years.

Date: Friday, May 8 at 11:00 AM PT (Pacific Time)
Price: FREE
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
Calendar File: iCalendar

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