Da Vinci's Code

Just started reading The Da Vinci code this weekend.  Yikes, can’t put it down.  If you’re into religion, conspiracies, secret societies you should go and read this book.  It’s also brought back my fascination with PHI


  • Yeah I finished it it's really fascinating.

    And make me think that this story can be so the truth !

  • Hello!

    Here in Spain da vinci's code has just arrived to the shops and I don't know a lot about this book. Could you explain me a bit of the story.

    I am deciding if I bought it or I ask my parents to buy it for me in my birthday.

    And Excuse me for my english It could be a bit strange.

    Kisses to all Da Vinci's code fans!!

  • Great book loved it!!!!

  • If there was ever a book published through evil's guidance...it is this one. It's imaginable how insanity consciously works to distort and damage the TRUTH.

  • Ive never been real big on religion and then my friend tolled me about this and it sounds intresting is there any background books or something that would help me understand the book better?

  • K, thx for the reply ill check it out soon

  • The books made lot's of bad historical mistakes, that is why I dont like it.

    The guy should made more research

    about the subject.

    Who dont have historical, theological background, should not read it, becouse the book is misleading alltogether !

  • The books made lot's of bad historical mistakes, that is why I dont like it.

    The guy should made more research

    about the subject.

    Who dont have historical, theological background, should not read it, becouse the book is misleading alltogether !

  • Kia ora,

    Ive just read the book and I must say its one of the best books Ive ever read. The information and historical references to the church, Jesus, Paganism etc I found amazing. You have to read it with an open mind. I am a christian and believe strongly in the Almighty but that didnt stop me from enjoying the book.

  • i have not read it, i want to. I really want to see historically wether it directly overwrites the bible. I see its great to find out that it may be a truth, just like the bible, but i am still undecided until i read, anymore points to show this really is historically correct, ps i like de vinci

  • Just a question for anyone out there who might know...in the flyleaf (sp?) there are highlighted letters that when put together read "Is there no help for the widow's son". Anyone know what that means, if pertaining to the story, or if it's an anagram for something etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If that sparks something please email me at mysticjello@rogers.com thanks.

  • Fodors.com has a Da Vinci Code tour on its site. Kind of fun if you're a fan of the book, a Europhile, or just like to dream of travel itineraries.

  • I hate this book because it spreads hatred toward the Catholic Church, all the facts are bias, and Leonardo da Vinci is gay

  • i just wna knw wat realy d truth....well i jst wnt 2 knw d hidden years of jesus christ....bt i do hop dat information will be deatilaed and correct and cant destruct d christian values

  • the author is writing a second book to continue the story. it's going to take place in Washington and the cover of DaVinci's Code has hidden clues.

  • You fools. The Masonic Order has been known to been around 2000 years before Christ's coming. They declared themselves "THE RELIGION." But today they declare themselves a christian organization, but they except all religions.

    From the beginning we go into school, we're taught our leaders, starting with George Washington, a profound Mason. On the back of the dollar bill you see these Masonic Symbols. These people run the show and at most the world. The Masonic Order's Agenda is a one world gov to control, Religion, Military (excepts all religion) Most of all to have a one world gov... to controll the worlds flow of money and maintain power. There's been 14 known Masonic Presidents and 144 known congressman in the house. Who do you trust? You're money makers? or Jesus who came once to throw there show in a big mess and to come the 2nd time to finish the job. I say we take all the information in, and let your mind be the filter.

    The book of john states they're many anti-christs walking among you and the anti-christ's are under your nose. The Masons have a lodge in every county across the united states. Not even the catholics and christians can say they're that good. Look up the Masonic Order, and the truth will set you free.

  • The Key point to note about Da Vinci's code is that it questions the divinity of Christ. I strongly suggest that everyone read CASE FOR CHRIST by LEE STROBEL - It will answer most questions raised concerning Jesus, his existence AND divinity WITH STRONG HISTORICAL PROOF

  • I go to an elite American college. In order to demonstrate the power of the Masons in America as recent as 80 years ago. Take out a one dollar bill - connect the A in the first word, the S in the second, the N in the third, the second O in the fourth, and the M in the fifth. You will get an upside-down pentagram that reads MASON. The symbol is the so-called perversion of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man based upon the Golden Ratio and the inscribed pentagrams that can be made ad infinitum with Golden Pentagons. Anyway, the two horns of the devil represent the bottom points of the star which now point up. Ironically, the sign language for 'I love you' is the two horns of the Masonic devil Baphomet while the sign for 'Go to hell' is actually the star pointing upwards. Famous Masons include Washington, Franklin, Mozart, and Voltaire (encycylopedia). The architecture and design of Washington DC is Masonic. The GW Monument even has a half-naked Washington posing as Baphomet. If my grandfather were still alive, I would probably ask him why he kept his Masonic family legacy a secret. I'd also like to know why the Masons are so obsessed with their status quo as power elite. Why all the weird rituals? -Mr. Estoeric

  • By the way, I sincerely think everyone should be looking for the allegorical significance in the Bible instead of uselessly debating the divinity issue. Contrary to what most of us were taught in Sunday School, the Bible is not historical fact but the written accounts of people who believed they were divinely inspired. It's only a matter of time before people look back at the issue of literalism and move onto empiricism almost entirely. I thank Dan Brown teaches us not to take things at face value; he allows us to look academically at a serious issue like this. Without getting into the hypocrisy and violence of the Church (yes, there are plenty of skeletons in the closet), all one us has to do is research Bertrand Russell's lecture (a woman claimed that the world sits on the back of a turtle), the geocentric and heliocentric theories, the inquisition, the flat world, and the circular orbits of the planets. The Church has always persecuted science and then given the masses a giant placebo.

  • A great read! I am totally fasinated with the book. I hope a movie is made from the book. I see George Clooney's face on top of the web page. I am assuming, "it must be in the works!"

    I knew about the "holy Grail" theory for many many years. As a little boy my mother told me a story about Jesus and the other version about his never dying on a cross because he was given a sleeping potion to emulate death. Her father told her about it when she was a little girl. It was in the 1950's some where when I learnt this.

  • Ooops, I noticed a spelling mistake in "fascinate". Sorry!

  • what can i say dan brown is such an author.. with such a detailed literary creation i say such book is a must the life and works of da vinci is brought to life in these book...the sinister mind behind the church... i have to say now ive fallen in love with the dan brown....a genius....

  • Weather it is “The Divinci Code” or “The Celestine Prophecy” books like this will always be popular among anti-establishment baby boomers of American culture. These new age works of fiction are just warmed over version of Gnostic thought going back thousands of years. The works center on the alleged secrets of Christ that the Catholic Church is hiding from us to maintain their own power. In an effort to stroke the anti-establishment spiritual emptiness among non-believers in our culture Brown has spun a tale combining everything from the secrets of the Masons, the Gnostic Gospels, the artwork of De Vinci, and the Templar Knights and wrapped it all up in a work that is overwhelming appealing to Anti-Catholics, radical feminists, and secular humanists who ironically long for something Spiritual in their lives. The evil bad guy in this book is a cultist sadist and a member of Opus Dei. Like anything powerful and effective Opus Dei is envied and assaulted by many. In reality this personal prelature in the Catholic Church provides countless good works and helps fill the void for millions.

    This book although fiction is well written and can be a starting point of further research for all looking to fill that spiritual void in their lives. However before you jump on the Anti-Catholic bashing and bias that is so common in our culture I recommend that as a part of this research that you actually go to a Catholic Church. During this visit I pray that you will seek an honest and non-fictional understanding of our 2000 year old faith. By coming to our Mass you will receive a “first hand” experience and not a third hand impression. Please in your spiritual search don’t automatically rule out the worlds largest and most effective Christian Church based on the experiences and financial goals of a writer of fiction.

  • your comments are intersting to say the least"

  • read the book!!!

  • I've heard a lot about this book but I still can not find that book in my country (Kosovo )

    Thats why I was searching on internet and i have found this massage board.

    All the best


  • Da Vinci's theory about GOD existence still a theory for him until in his death...meaning there is nothing to discuss it...wether you like it or not!!

  • this book is so not cool its full of not so good info ther is no historical proof for any thing this dude writes, hes' more of a apollagetics for the occult its only obvious . you need to do the reserch it dum'

  • I would believe in a book that has been around since the beginning of time than some book that never will.

  • I would believe in a book that has been around since the beginning of time than some book that never will.

  • I would believe in a book that has been around since the beginning of time than some book that never will.

  • I would believe in a book that has been around since the beginning of time than some book that never will.

  • Dude, the current King James version has only been out for less than 500 years. The catholic "dumbed down" version has been redone in the last twenty... I know I was only born twenty years ago... but sorry, thats not the beginning of time.

  • Please all,

    In my eyes there are a lot of people posting here without realising what (I think) is the real issue in the book.

    The book is indeed a work of fiction, and the story is build on some facts, some guesses and some made up things. The story gives the reader another angle on the story of worlds history.

    For believers (Christian aswell as others) there is a certain truth, and non-believers have their truth. Actually you can say that every individual person believes in his own truth. This story gives you an impression of a certain non-believers truth (while it is recommemded to understand that this could be different for anybody, non-believers as well as believers).

    The book uses some real names like Opus Dei and it's followers, but gives them a (for all i know) based on some facts but also written to be an exciting fictionous character of hardcore christian faith which sets them off to kill in the name of the church. And right there you have to understand that you have to be able to seperate the "things that you learn" from the author, and facts that really are there in the real world... after all the author wrights a book that he has to sell... he wrights a story that has to be exciting, I understand that he IS making a point with this book, but you have to understand that this is NOT a book with educational destinations, it IS a fiction he wrote (maybe to tell Brown's truth, but most of all) to let other people read it and enjoy it.

    You can learn from the book, it might set you off to study and research some more, but I think that if you believe that the book is written to be a direct attack or assault against christianity clearly didn't understood the book at all.

    After all: Brown restores the value of the church within the same book and manages to make you think about YOUR OWN truth.

    Please reply if you think wheter I am right or wrong or if you have any additions on this whole subject.

    Thanks, Vincent don Rico


    To any one here who has posted, I understand that we are all human and we all make mistakes but b4 you start saying anything regarding any subject, could u please research it first!!

    regarding the validity of the Bible...

    Lets use discreet math:

    Man wrote the Bible

    Man is not perfect

    Then >> Bible has mistakes...... right?

    Wrong!! bcz...

    Scholars tried to find mistakes in the bible

    Scholars failed to find mistakes

    Bible has no mistakes


    Man did not write The Bible

    Holy Spirit inspired the writer

    God gave us The Bible

    this is just a simple example that i just came up with now... but there are a lot of evidence out there about the validity of the Bible to learn more you must Research.

    One last thing... what worries me is those who read the book and believe all what is in it with out looking furthur into the subject.

    God Bless You All

  • Peter Ibrahim:

    Wrong!! bcz...

    Scholars tried to find mistakes in the bible

    Scholars failed to find mistakes

    Bible has no mistakes


    Man did not write The Bible

    Holy Spirit inspired the writer

    God gave us The Bible

    Actually Peter - wasn't the bible written by the same people who thought the world was flat?

    And if you are talking about divine intervention...why didn't God let us know it wasn't flat. That would have saved alot of heretics from being killed for saying otherwise.

  • Quick questions:

    I'm amazed at how "Madonna of the rocks" can be translated to "So dark the con of man" Someone obvious wanted to hid this message in the artwork.

    Does anyone know who gave it this name. I've also heard if called "Virgin of the rocks"

    If Da Vince named it, did he originally do it in English or Italian? If it was in Italian, is there a similar message if the letter are rearranged.

  • STUNED..... What the F*&% who cares if he like children? what kind of statement is that? Hitler was brilliant. Not a nice guy but he was brilliant.I'm a father of 2 and if anybody like my children in that way they will be dead before the trial starts.....garunteed. And yes i would gladly turn myself in after its over..get 2 years and probation call it a day. gotta love america

  • any one got the book to spare.i wanna read it.thanks

  • I am a Catholic...a devout one....and I absolutely loved the book...i hope all Christians and non-Christians do go ahead and read this book...it really opens your mind to new ideas....the sacred feminine & the story of Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ is very intriguing & I hope it's true...even if it is or isn't doesn't change my beliefs as a Catholic...I believe...there is a God...and there was once a man called Jesus - divine or mortal - it doesn't matter....i'd like to live my life the way he asked me to.

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