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  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Canadian Launch Cities – DONE!

    Actually, there was one little thing that could have gone better – you see, about ¼ of the way through the ASP.NET/Smart Client session – the room started spinning and I truly felt like I was going to loose my cookies.  I kept on thinking to myself “Just keep your hands in your pocket – look at your shoes – nod – and you will be OK” – for those of you who have seen me present before – this must have come as a shocker.   Bristowe was talking in a fury about ASP.NET master pages as I slowly felt more and more like I was actually going to puke my guts out in front of 400 people.  Nice hey?  As I stand there eying the big bowl of ice water that was cooling our bottles of drinking water wondering if it would be acceptable to use it as a puke-pot – John starts asking me to explain some new IDE enhancements… oye – not good – concentration broken…I decided to sit out one of John’s demos to catch a breather.  I totally zoned out – (go to my happy place – breath) - and by the time John got to the Smart Client section I started to feel better.  My entire family is home sick with the flu this week – looks like I’m next in line.