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I have been blogging on for a while now. I don't remember when actually i got a berth on to Weblogs. I think it was MS Joe – Joe Stagner way back somewhere in 2005 or sometime around that time frame (i don't remember the exact dates) that he had opened up blog space. I remember sending an email to him and i had got a space for myself.

So far weblogs has been a great starting platform for me. After close to a decade in the industry (this is my 9 year in the industry) i finally realized that i too can write and i have been lately passionate about writing. So far i just have 15 posts under my belt and close to 5 community speaking sessions.

I have been lately enjoying writing and community things that i decided to have my own identity on the web. Yes i have purchased my own domain and i have taken up a hosting for my own blog.

My new web identity would be 2 domains under my name – and

I will be discontinuing writing on and will be fulltime at

My RSS feed at has been redirected to point to my new site. So whoever had subscribed to my RSS will still be getting the updated content from my new site.

So do drop into my new home and let me know your feedback.

As i say always – Happy coding and Code with passion !

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