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The much awaited Office 2010 has been released on Jun 12 worldwide. Yes Office 2010 is available in India too.

Communities all over India have started to do the community launch of Office 2010. Follow is the schedule of the launches in different cities:


Here is the official ad for this : Office 2010 Community Launch Events

I am happy to say that in India – Mysore .NET User Group – with the support of and will be the first city ( + Chennai ) to do the community launch. (Will be posting the Mysore launch event advertisement in my next post).

I must mention Mr. Pavanaja who is coordinating all the arrangements for this event. He is a Technology Evangelist and Mentor, currently working at Excel Soft Technologies, Mysore. My acquaintance with Pavanaja is just over couple of months. But i am impressed by his witty tweets and dedication towards the community. He said to me in our first meeting that he was a 50+ youth and questioned me as to do i do anything outside my day to day work. I said well….nothing much. That's when he said look at me i still try to do new things apart from the daily work. You youngster just go back home and relax. That's when i started to make the most of myself.

I will be presenting at this launch event. Thanks to Pavanaja for giving me a slot in Mysore launch event. He said can you do a session. I was just waiting for a platform to get on to the community. And there i have it. I couldn't have asked for more. Yes i presenting my first ever session in this Mysore Community Launch event. This will be the first User Group (UG) presentation of my life.

I will be dealing with the topic of “Ribbon Customization in Office 2010 – for End Users”. I have a 15 minute slot in which i am trying to do a demo/hands-on session on the Ribbon in Office 2010.

I am happy for this because I am a Mysorean from my heart – yes its been 20 years in Mysore now for me. Because of work i have been in Bangalore from last 6 years. But its always Mysore first. So what better place to do my first ever presentation in my home ground.

So be present at the launch event and watch me live. Be sure  to catch up with me and we can have break out session if required.

So Mysore here i come on Jun 27.

Till then, happy coding folks.

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