Its again a time for me to get on to a stage and present something. Yes i will be speaking at Microsoft sponsored event known as “Community Tech Days” which will be held at Mysore on Nov 14. This event is supported by Mysore User group known as “Mysore Geeks”.

Here is the official schedule for the event:


This time i will be taking a session on “WCF Data Services”. I will be going through the basics of building a WCF data service using Visual Studio 2010 and C#. Will be covering the basics such as What, Why and How of WCF Data Services.

The keynote for the day will be delivered by my very dear friend and whom i personally call as “Doc”, Dr. U. B. Pavanaja. Other session on the day include some interesting topics such as below:

Windows Azure – the operating system for the cloud by Microsoft. This session will be taken by Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma. If you want to be on cloud too, then dont miss this session. Great way to start the day :).

Virtualization – More has been talked on virtualization nowadays. Be it a desktop or a server, enterprises are looking at Virtualization as a cost effective alternative to physical assets. Sit through this session to learn a whole new concept. This session will be taken by Mr. Anand M. S.

Windows Phone 7 – This is one of the not to be missed sessions. Windows Phone 7 which was released recently by Microsoft on October 12. This is yet to reach India. But you can catch all the action about Windows Phone 7 thro some cool demos that will be showcased. This session is taken by one my close friend Mr. Kalpesh Parmar (a.k.a Vic). Don’t miss this session.

Silverlight RIA Services – Silverlight is one of the newest technology stack from MS for web based development. Catch all the insights on what is RIA services and how it goes along with Silverlight. This session is taken by one my good friend Mr. Pooran Prasad.

Sharepoint 2010 – Sharepoint 2010 opens up a whole lot of new opportunities to work upon. Sit through this session for insight into the collaborative platform. This session is taken by Mr. Venkat K L.

IE 9 Demo – IE 9 is the latest offering on the browser front by Microsoft. This is a very rich and powerful browser which takes into account the GPU on your system and uses that to render. Sit through this session to know many ore interesting things on IE 9. This session is taken by one of my good friend Mr. Renuka Prasad.

And last but not the least:

INDIC on Windows 7 Demo – Ever wondered how can you write in Kannada or search in kannada or what is “File” called in Kannada on windows operating system ? Well i always wondered how Indian Language work with the Windows OS. Well there is nobody else other than doc who can talk about this in depth. So dont miss this session. Some cool demos in line by doc. This session is taken my friend Dr. U. B. Pavanaja.

So i am very much excited to be part of the Community Tech Days to be held at Mysore. Looking forward to meeting many of you. Come over and have a tech filled day.

For more information you can check the official site which is :


AS always, till next time – Happy coding. Code with passion.

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