Toronto VB User Group Wins Canadian MSDN Competition

Great news! The entry by the Toronto VB User Group (TVBUG) won the MSDN Canada-sponsored .NET Usergroups competition in Canada-wide judging tonight. The challenge was to create a .NET solution incorporating mobile devices, smart systems, Web services, and a database that would "improve the quality of developer life".

Our team, headed by Tony Cavaliere, created PocketBuilder. It's a VB.NET application that monitors nightly software builds and alerts the owners of modules as to errors their code produced.

The whole event was a geek's dream. First, we created entries using the latest Microsoft technologies. This evening, the participating user groups were connected from their respective cities via LiveMeeting to watch the presentations and vote for the best.

Our prizes are a SPOT Watch or Pocket PC + FM Transmitter for each member of the team, and a Microsoft sponsored BBQ event for the whole TVBUG usergroup.

Thanks very much to Sasha Krsmanovic and Craig Flannagan of Microsoft Canada for an interesting and fun event. You guys were great.

Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]



  • Thanks Ken for the posting.

    Congratulations to the TVBUG team for winning the .NET usergroup competition.

    I think I speak for the TVBUG team when I say the experience was both fun and a great learning experience.

    I too would like to thank Sasha and Craig for all their efforts and encourage them to make the competition an annual event.

    Tony Cavaliere

    PocketBuilder, Team Lead

  • Congrats Guys.

    Keep up the great efforts.

    It's combined shelfless efforts of people like those on your team that makes this world a better place for all.

    The Ontario Pocket PC Users @ is always open.

  • Congrats to the TVBUG team.

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