Visual Studio Lightswitch - Welcome Advanced Amateurs

There are a lot of people in business who are wizards with tools like Excel, even though their primary job isn’t software development. Sometimes their apps become essential to the business process.

Lightswitch, announced at VSLive!, will appeal to advanced amateurs. The nice thing is that professional developers can take the code and scale it out without starting from scratch.

This technology reminds me a lot of the old Visual InterDev product. I was a technical writer at the time and used it to build lots of intranet sites for colleagues. Lightswitch is far more powerful and uses .NET and Silverlight. You’ll also be able to publish your app to the cloud.

The beta is coming on August 23rd.

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  • I'm definitely interested to learn more about it. There has been a sometimes uncomfortable gap between that savvy business user or occasional code dabbler in Access or Excel and the professional enterprise development teams. This gap is a common cause for distance between the geeks and the pointy haired bosses. I'm open to the idea that LightSwitch may help to bridge that gap and close the distance.

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