Window Clippings 1.1

Update: A new version is available here: Window Clippings


Since the release of Window Clippings 1.0 in September last year, I have been working on an update in my spare time to address some minor annoyances and bugs as well as to add some of the most commonly requested features. Needless to say I haven’t had much time to work on this, but I finally managed to squeeze in a few evenings.

Although it’s just at version 1.1, Window Clippings sports a number of improvements that I think you’ll really appreciate. It also has one "big" feature. Here’s a quick rundown:

Hot Key Support

You can now capture the Print Screen key to initiate a window clipping.

TIFF Image Support

I have added support for the TIFF image format.

Option to Prompt for Storage Location

You now have the option of having a “Save As” dialog box appear after creating a clipping to control the location, file name and image format for each window clipping that you create.

Windows Vista!

The big feature in this release is the (experimental) support for Windows Vista.

Window Clippings takes advantage of window region information that the window manager tags onto themed windows as well as region information that particular windows may define explicitly. This worked great for creating window clippings of windows using the Windows XP class of themes but it doesn’t work for Windows Vista since windows are composited off-screen by the new desktop window manager using DirectX to create the effect of rounded corners, glass, etc.

Anyway, Window Clippings 1.1 provides support for creating window clippings on Windows Vista and accurately captures the logical window regions that are rendered on-screen.

Firstly, it correctly draws the background for the corners (either transparently or using the background color). Secondly, it provides the option of clearing the window background to avoid the effect of “dirty glass”.

Let me illustrate what I mean by “dirty glass”. Consider the following clipping with the option turned off.

Sure it might look great in the context of your desktop to see that part of the background image and other stuff you have floating on your desktop are partially visible through your Windows Media Player but as a screen shot it merely serves to distract from the window (unless of course you’re actually trying to illustrate the glass effect).

Turning on the option to clear the window background results in a clean window clipping with none of the window background showing through.

Window Clippings supports build 5365 (the latest CTP as of this writing). The Windows Vista desktop window manager has changed from build to build which is why I need to be so specific. Previous builds of Windows Vista are not supported. I will try to ensure that Window Clippings supports Windows Vista beta 2 when it becomes available.

© 2006 Kenny Kerr


  • Cool, another one to add to my techie toolbox ;-)

    Thanks, Kenny


  • I just had to take a screenshot of Outlook 2007 and the tool did an excellent job. Thanks Kenny.

  • This is a *must* have tool. I could find the link to version 1. Maybe you could add some extra keywords in your post like screen grab(ber), screenshot, transparancy, region information. Because I couldn't find it with Google on such keywords :)

    Luckily I found the downloaded file on another computer so now I will never forget the name "Windows Clippings".

  • ThanKs it was exactly what I was looking for do to screen capture.

  • Hey - can we integrate this with FogBugz?

  • I just found this, and it looks like a cool app. I haven't caused a popup yet, but one thing I regularly capture are error popups, so I am hoping this will do the job.

  • Hi Kenny,

    WindowClippings looks like a good screen capture app. I tried it out on Vista RC2 (build 5744). All I get is black with all file formats except TIFF, I get white. It compresses very well though...

    I started your exe as elevated admin, same results.

    Ctrl-Alt-PrtScn works, but saving directly to disk is much nicer.

    Chuck Bell
    Visual C++ Libraries Team

  • Hi Kenny,

    Just realized I set the clear background on Vista check box. When I uncheck the box, screen capture works fine, except I get "dirty glass".

    Chuck Bell
    Visual C++ Libraries Team

  • Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am preparing a new build (1.2) with full support for Vista RC2 and beyond. Much has changed in the desktop composition (DWM) on Vista since I released version 1.1. It should be available in the next week or so. Stay tuned...


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