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  • Goodbye Canada

    Sorry for the lack of activity on my blog. We’re less than a week away from departing for the UK and it’s been quite hectic trying to get everything finished. We’ve unfortunately also had some serious setbacks. From the moving company completely letting us down, to me contracting a rather serious illness, to my web hosting provider apparently taking all my domains down. Fortunately they were quick to rectify the situation.

  • Windows with C++: Windows Vista Control Enhancements

    The August 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine is out and features my new column entitled Windows with C++. It will initially be published every other month and focuses on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 development using C++. As with my Cryptography Next Generation article, each column includes a “What about .NET?” sidebar that showcases how the various techniques discussed in the article can be used from managed code using either C# or C++/CLI.

  • Notebook Update

    Last month I mentioned that I really need to get a notebook before leaving for England. I was considering either the Dell Latitude D630 or the Lenovo ThinkPad T61. The Dell because I’ve used Dell for years and they’ve never let me down and the Lenovo because it is generally considered the very best notebook on the planet and I really wanted something just a little better than the Dell notebooks I’ve used thus far.

  • Manifest View 1.0

    Every so often I need to view an application’s manifest, for example to debug application dependencies or to confirm the requested execution level.  This usually involves opening up the binary application file in Visual Studio and exporting the RT_MANIFEST resource to a text file that I then open in Notepad. Needless to say this is very tedious. Well tonight I had enough of this and whipped up this little tool.

  • How to learn C++ (and Windows development)

    Every few months I get asked for book recommendations for learning the C++ programming language and then how to get started with Windows programming with C++. I don’t buy into the “C++ in 10 days” school of learning but rather advice readers to read books that will provide them with a good foundation.