UPS Gets the Job Done

As everyone in the PNW knows, there was a lot of snow here just before Christmas. We live at the top of the "driveway from hell" on Mercer Island, and we haven't had any UPS deliveries for over a week. We even tracked down our delivery driver, and he said "yeah, we have some packages for you but nobody knows where they are". My UPS tracking showed things loaded out for delivery a couple of days before XMAS, but...nothing showed up.

Well, today after lunch at Yuzen (our favorite) on the South end of Mercer Island I snapped this photo of _7_ UPS trucks parked together and a bunch of "brown" guys hustling packages between trucks.

When we got home, we had 8 UPS packages on our doorstep (including an extra hard drive for my WHS!)

Kudos to the drivers for taking the initiative to sort this out..

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