Origami Hype == Success

It is one thing to be a regular item on Engadget, wholly another to be the headline on Drudge.

As 'official' news about the Origami project begins to pour out it appears Microsoft has pulled off something Apple has gotten pretty good at, generating mainstream media hype. AP published a story which I saw on at least 3 major news sites. Paul Harvey was talking about it on the radio this morning and Matt Drudge had it as his centerpiece headline. If you don't know who Drudge is then this could possibly be the first time you have used the internet...talk to anyone in a major media outlet and they will tell you that his page is either their home page or is visited multiple times daily. He is a harbinger for what will be the major news story in the coming hours.

Now if the guys in Redmond can just figure out who at Time Magazine Steve Jobs has compromising pictures of then maybe we can get some of those fancy cover stories.

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