Using inheritance to limit GetCustomAttributes array size

OK, here is the deal – I want to get back an array of all the custom attributes assigned to my class. In my instance I have three custom attributes I have applied to the class. When I call GetCustomAttributes against the type I only want to see the custom attributes that I have added, not all the ones the ASP.NET runtime adds. When I ran my test I was getting an array of 13 attributes which included System.ComponentModel attributes that I don’t care about. How do you get rid of them? Create a BaseAttribute class derived from System.Attribute and then derive your attribute classes from this BaseAttribute class. Then use the GetCustomAttributes(System.Type, bool inherited) overload and pass in a reference to your BaseAttribute class as the type. This will cause your array to be limited to only attributes that derive from your base class; in my instance limiting to only the 3 custom attributes that I added!

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