Making us all look bad...

So Verizon Wireless is going to release this new phone today which they think will be a big hit, they even set up a separate site to make ordering the phone a 2 step process. They build the site on ASP.NET and launch day comes around and here we find a buggy site which is failing to serve requests and even spiiting out ASP.NET runtime errors with web.config information.

It never ceases to amaze me that people in such high visibility situations can fail so badly. The part that is even worse is this, right now there is some CIO/CTO type at Verizon swearing to never again use ASP.NET because in his mind it just cant handle the big show. This mentallity affects us all and all because they hired some second class morons to code the site and listened to some cost/corner cutting engineer who did not put in place the proper infrastructure.


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