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  • Longhorn UI Screenshots

    WinSupersite has a article with some fascinating screen shots of Longhorn UI. Paul Thurott claims to have independent comfirmation of the authenticity of these images and considering his track record on such matters, you can pretty much bank on this being the real enchilada. No one outside Redmond has the kind of sources that he does.

  • An argument for breaking the law (I think)

    OK, first of all I have no sympathy for people who are “suffering” from outages due to the LoveSan virus. A patch was released weeks ago and Microsoft did everything save running commercials to warn people that there was a flaw and the patch was available. But of course, few listened.

  • C# - using keyword

    Most devs I work with are shocked to learn that the using keyword in the C# language is diatic. The obvious is for namespace inclusion but the less often seen use is for aliasing. For example, I hate having to reference the static members of ConfigurationSettings via the fully qualified name of System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings. This is where aliasing can be cool; just give the class an alias with the using keyword like this:

      using cfg = System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings;

  • Documentation: One difference between us and them

    Lately I have been working on a project with a number of consultants from a local linux/java company. While we go tit for tat on the arguments of Microsoft vs. Linux, they tend to be pretty honest about the fact that their opinions of Redmond are rooted in NT4 experiences. Furthermore any subsequent understandings they have of the monopolistic big brother beast who seeks to squash all other companies comes from the tainted threads of Slashdot.