Heroic Aventure (rogue-like) game written in VB.NET 2005

via Brad Abrams' blog, some guys have written an RPG in VB.NET 2005 called "Heroic Aventure".

This is yet another rogue-like game with very primitive text-based rendering, yet is impressive nonetheless.  I'm interested in this both as a .NET developer and as yet another rogue-like game developer wannabe.  My brother and I started developing our RPG years ago, but it has suffered from lack of time and enthusiasm, yet I still hold out hope that one day it will be a reality. 

Anyways, thanks for the link, Brad (via Joel @ TechEd)  maybe this will finally get me motivated again....

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  • Actually, HA! is a single developer project (yours truly). It's been terrific fun so far, and I'm hoping all this recent exposure will shame me into adhering to a reasonable release schedule. The next version (0.1.7) should be coming out late August. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

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