FlexWiki 2.0 released, Craig Andera moving on

Craig Andera reported today that FlexWiki 2.0 has finally been released.  It's been a long time...probably too long...since this wiki engine was updated. In the meantime there have been several other popular .NET wikis that have materialized such as Screwturn. I used FlexWiki extensively for an internal wiki a few years ago, and the one thing I really liked about it was the ability to easily create sub-wikis, FlexWiki calls them "Namespaces", to segment your content. However, the FlexWiki project stagnated with no new releases so we somewhat reluctantly abandoned it. I haven't explored FlexWiki 2.0 much yet to see where the improvements are, but it certainly warrants a look.

In related news, Craig Andera, the developer who has been leading the FlexWiki rewrite announced he is leaving the project.

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