Just released version 2.0.18 of XmlPreprocess


What's new in this release

  • For XML Spreadsheet 2003 format, used the frozen row at the top of the worksheet to indicate the beginning of the values. This prevents you from having to start your values at row 7. This can be overridden with the /firstValueRow (or /vr) argument.

Issues Fixed
  • Fix for Issue 13006 : Corrected default treatment of the value "false"

Beginning with this version, the FixFalse behavior that has caused confusion to so many, has hopefully been addressed in a way that still accommodates those who need backward compatibility.

The /FixFalse switch was introduced in Beta 1 to address issues caused when a settings has the value of False. When a value is False, the old behavior was to undefine the setting. This caused errors when you wanted to insert a literal "False" (a common value in configuration files). The workaround was to put the value in quotes, or pass the /f or /FixFalse switch.

There are now two executables in the binary package, one that breaks backward compatibility, and does the right thing by defaulting FixFalse to True (XmlPreprocess.exe), and one that maintains backward compatibility (XmlPreprocess-NoFixFalse.exe). Use the executable that is appropriate for your needs. If you are new to XmlPreprocess, most likely you're going to want to use XmlPreprocess.exe, and forget about the NoFixFalse version.

- XmlPreprocess.exe - This version defaults FixFalse to true, so you no longer need to pass it.
- XmlPreprocess-NoFixFalse.exe - This version is the old behavior. If you require the old behavior, feel free to rename this file to be XmlPreprocess.exe, and use it instead.

  • Fix for Issue 13009 : Fix for comments in Settings XML file.

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