Code Snippet - A new way to share your codes.

Recently , we have added a new section at dotnetslackers by which you can share your code to public.  Now, code snippets are tiny piece of code that can work as a unit, can come handy and be a real time-saver when building up complex solution or can be some interesting piece of lines which in turn can make out someone's day.

To get started, lets go to 


Navigate to Community -> Code snippets. Here, either you can browse snippets posted by others and share your comments or hit on the "Add new" button to make one by yourself. It will firstly direct you to the login page, if you are not logged in already. Finally, you will get a clean form to add your snippet and give some title, detail and tags for it and its done.


Let us know, how do you feel about the new feature and what are the things you would love to see which will make it work for you. Anything you want to share, just write them down at


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