iPod Angst

So really, this isn’t a post on my angst against iPod or Apple, but dLo – the company that produces iPod accessories. So for Christmas, my parents got me the iPod along with the dLo TransPd FM All-In-One Car Solution – this thing is big & bulky, but works great for having it right there next to you in the car. So, besides the FM transmitter, what is the most desired accessory next – why the silicon protective cover of course (I mean, who in their right mind would have a iPod without a protective cover! – shame on you if you don’t).

Ahh, so my bi-weekly trip to Best Buy finally amounted into them having the dLo Action Jacket – sweetness I told myself. I promptly returned home cracked the package open and slipped on the silicon wrapper (which my girlfriend so kindly stated “it looks like you’re putting on a condom” – and it felt like that too (side thought – I now know why they call these “Action” Jackets – they’re iPod condoms)).

Ahh, so the iPod condom has finally been snapped into place and so I go for its maiden voyage into the insertion point of the dLo FM transmitter do-hickey. WHAT! It doesn’t fit! You gotta be F’n kidding me! What company in their right mind would make 2 products (both great I might add) and then have no one ever test them together! Where’s the integration folks – what kind of product testing team did you have? I mean, if someone purchases only your stuff (like me), why do you think they would not try and use it together!

So, now I have a decision to make – ditch the condom or the fm transmitter…I think I just made up my mind – the fm transmitter is gone – condom, you’re going into my pocket. I’ll just have to make another trip to Best Buy in the next few days (ohh, 3 times to Best Buy – I’m so lucky) to go and purchase a competing brand of a FM transmitter – and one that isn’t so darn cool because it just sits there. Man, this sucks – rather, dLo sucks!

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