Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1

So what’s the big news going around the blogosphere other than the fact that at CES the demo gods hated Bill & Conan? Or the fact that TiVo and Microsoft is partnering up yet still be competitors? (All info can be found at Engadget) Well, how about the Beta 1 release of the Microsoft AntiSpyware (downloaded here) that is probably just a quick naming change from its previous hostile takover of GIANT software.

Anyway, I downloaded and installed on my home computer and the thing works great. Found a spyware that Ad-Aware missed. Now, I wonder how much changes are going to come from this, but if MS wants to ultimately include this in versions of windows, they’re going to have to get something right – like not have it run in the notification area, but as a service that alerts us of stuff. Otherwise great, I have it running but like any other computer crazed person, we don’t want 5 gajillion things within our notification area because it generally indicates that too much stuff is running.

So, its pretty good for a beta (though was it a beta when MS took it over from GIANT? I doubt it), try it out for yourself.

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