TiVo ToGo Has Cometh

So I decided tonight that I was going to force a TiVo update, and this time around it was finally successful. TiVo ToGo, or rather the latest TiVo software was downloaded to my TiVo. After a restart, and another half hour of waiting while it processed the information…I finally had TiVo ToGo. Now, I’m transferring some shows over (small ones of course) to see if I can play it even though I don’t have a supported media codec. Oh yeah, the night has cometh – TiVo ToGo is mine

Update: Looks like my decoder that isn’t supported works like a charm. And so I have 3 minutes of Married with Children to just test. I’m suprised my wireless network transferred that 3 minutes pretty fast. This is sooo cool. Now, how to bypass the decoding stuff and record to DVD without any software. If you’ve got any pointers, let me know.

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