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  • MS BI Conference 14: Evening Reception

    The evening reception was at the Experience Music Project/SciFi Museum Hall of Fame. Gary and I walked through the SciFi Museum. It was really great, lots of memorabilia from all the TV series, movies, as well as books, comics, magazines, scripts, photos, videos. Really cool. The only underrepresentaed Sci Fi series was Dr. Who - I saw one thing from that, the "Fun Gun". No Daleks. Gary has read a lot of sci-fi I found out.

  • MS BI Conference 9: Thursday keynote

    This morning's first keynote had content about Katmai, the next release of SQL Server. (there was other stuff before that, about the BI platform and pervasiveness and yadda yadda.)

  • MS BI Conference 7: Wednesday evening

    The evening was the Partner Pavillion Expo reception. Open bar and light supper and you wander around the booths. Microsoft has areas where you can talk with the product managers. They have tables marked "Reporting and Analysis", "Integration and Data Warehousing", "Database engine", "ProClarity", "Performance Point Server", yadda yadda yadda. I wanted to talk to some of them from the Analysis Services team, to talk about the mutli-developer scenarios that I had been going through with my customer, and some of the problems I have had with team development in Analysis services. But I couldn't tell which guys were the SSAS ones, which MS people were just wandering around themselves, and I'm not great at starting up conversations with people I don't know anyway. And I wasnt' with anyone who would help bolster my courage. So I wandered around the tables, looking like I wanted to talk to someone if only they would come up to me and introduce themselves. It sounds stupid I know.