Scrum Daily Work Evidence in TFS – End of Day Evidence

A good Agile practice that I’ve personally tested is registering our daily work evidence using images. Source code images, screen images of our application, database tables, etc. Anything that could give other people a quick hint about our work.

Using TFS we can update daily Task status using Work Items. Having images associated and displayed with them is not as straight forward as it should be (like pasting images in Word or in an Email).

One recommended approach is to upload a very simple and lightweight PPT or Word document containing images of evidence for all team members to a folder in the project’s SharePoint site. This could be done under a folder called “Daily Evidence” or something. The name of the PPT/Word file could be the current date (02232012.docx) or such.

At the end of the day, a simple report could detail the status of tasks for every team member and have a link (calculated automatically) to the Evidence file in the SharePoint site.

End of Day Progress Report Sample


Using Reporting Services Subscriptions feature, you could also have this report sent by email automatically.

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