Sharepoint and non-IE browsers

Sharepoint is really picking up and more and more user is getting into the product. At the same time there are several browser out there not developed by Microsoft, like FireFox and Opera. There are several issues related to using Sharepoint with other browsers and it's about time that the community starts to track this in a structured manner.

For this purpose I've created a GotDotNet workspace. The primary goal is to get the Sharepoint community to report issues with non-IE browsers and Sharepoint in a structured way. When we have shared view of the issues we can start considering options for extending Sharepoint to better support other browsers, and deliver user-friendly guides on how to set up other browsers to get the best Sharepoint experience.

Who knows, maybe even Microsoft will adjust things in upcoming patches to make Sharepoint more accessible?

Please spread the word, and feel free to report any issue you've encountered related to this:

Update: this is a GDN workspace and by nature (or at least experience) not stable. Currently the link is down so please try again later. If you can't access the workspace but have something to report, please do not hesitate to send me an email with your issues, and I'll be sure to register them when GDN wakes up.

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