Monika Dyrda

WPF Dev Girl

  • Master-Detail patter implemented using WPF

    The master-detail pattern is a very neat way of displaying and organizing data that falls within some hierarchy. It is a quite efficient way of creating a custom user experience by allowing the user to start from various entry points and navigate to the items they are interested in. Master-detail pattern is used in almost all desktop and web applications so recently I also came across a problem that needed its implementation. If you've never done that and you like data binding as much as I do keep reading to see how it can be done in WPF :-)

  • WPF Binding ItemsSource to Enum

    I have found a very neat and simple way of binding an ItemControl to enum values. The trick is to use an ObjectDataProvider class which enables the creation of a XAML object available as a binding source.

  • WPF Control content with curly braces

    For some people it is obvious but for me it was quite a discovery when I’ve found out how to insert curly braces into a Text or Content of a control. Surely you can’t simply write:

  • WPF ImageSource

    A little How-to put an image from embedded resources into your WPF application. I have found it very useful especially when working with ListView and creating value converters for it.

  • Hello World!

    As everyone can see this is my first blog post. I had some problems on startup but now I know all I need and an can start posting. I am very excited to share 'crazy WPF things I do' :-)