Ajax.NET Enterprise Edition

I got already some questions concerning the next steps of Ajax.NET Professional. Yes, I'm working on some new ideas, and maybe it will be an Ajax.NET Enterprise Edition. With the upcomming AJAX Community I hope to get the most of all the frameworks currently are available, with your help, with your ideas, with your code!! For further news please have a look at my web blog in the next days. Yes, and it will be full open source!!!


  • That is excellent news Michael. Especially the open source part!! The problem with all these Ajax frameworks around at the moment is exactly as you have hinted; they all accomplish the task, it's just that not one single one accomplishes all the tasks.

    I like the expressiveness we get with your framework, it is extremely flexible. The only downsides I saw were the licensing and the lack of support in the code behind for controls touched by the hand of Ajax. If Ajax.NET can get that figured then we are laughing. I have had to use some hacks in the past to get the selected value of dropdowns which have been populated by Ajax.NET. I know in Anthem they have this figured, but Anthem doesn’t offer nearly the kind of power Ajax.NET does.

    Thanks for an excellent framework; I am really looking forward to seeing where you can take it.

  • That is a good news.

    Expecially the open source part.

    I am really looking forward to seeing where you can take it .


  • my upcoming project is on asp.net(c#) which uses drawings, GDI, which includes getting a mouse clik points from web forms etc... is it possible to perform these operations using Ajax asp.net..

  • I want to try ajax in my website please send source code

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