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DNS, Zigbee, XBee, Web, SMTP and POP classes in my MSchwarz Toolkit for .NET Micro Framework

Tags: .NET, .NET Micro Framework, AJAX, Source Code

As I wrote already some days ago I'm currently working on a library that will offer networking features that I'm missing in .NET Micro Framework. All features are first implemented in desktop .NET Framework 3.0 and then modified to fit the smaller .NET Micro Framework. The Zigbee/XBee C# implementation is already 60% finished, DNS resolver is finished for most common DNS queries.

In the next days I will add the tiny Web Server for .NET Micro Framework. Since the .NET Micro Framework 3.0 supports FAT it is more easier to publish data. AJAX features are included as well as support for templates or uploading files.

Feel free to try my first version... any comments, feedback or bug reports are welcome (well, I don't want to see to many bugs, of course).

The project is hosted at CodePlex at Download includes samples how to use each feature.


  • Mark Fredrickson said

    A couple of questions regarding Zigbee if you don't mind. 1. Are you doing any .Net Micro Framework development with Zigbee and if so, what hardware platform are you using? 2. Why did you choose XBee over say Jennic or Aerocomm? 3. What XBee development board/environment are you using? I have a University Enginneering project team that is embarking on a Zigbee project and we're just getting started selecting a vendor. We're using a GHI Embedded Master dev board and Zigbee to connect to an external environmental measuring device. Your code looks like a good place to get the students started. Thanks, - Mark.

  • Hector Huerta said

    Hi Michael I am using the Zigbee/Xbee for an XBee PRO an several routers attached to their coordinator, every two seconds I have to transmit/receive information from their attached routers (24/7), but after a couple of hours the Controller or the Routers stop responding and I cannot recconect again until I restart the computer, I think the trouble is something int he com port section, any toughts? Thank you!

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