James has published a first beta of LINQ to JSON support in his Json.NET library. It looks very similar to my LINQ support in an internal build of Ajax.NET Professional which never has been released.


List<Post> posts = GetPosts(); JObject rss = new JObject( new JProperty("channel", new JObject( new JProperty("title", "James Newton-King"), new JProperty("link", ""), new JProperty("description", "James Newton-King's blog."), new JProperty("item", new JArray( from p in posts orderby p.Title select new JObject( new JProperty("title", p.Title), new JProperty("description", p.Description), new JProperty("link", p.Link), new JProperty("category", new JArray( from c in p.Categories select new JValue(c)))))))));

The C# example above will generate following JSON output:

{ "channel": { "title": "James Newton-King", "link": "", "description": "James Newton-King's blog.", "item": [ { "title": "Json.NET 1.3 + New license + Now on CodePlex", "description": "Annoucing the release of Json.NET 1.3,...", "link": "", "category": [ "Json.NET", "CodePlex" ] }, { "title": "LINQ to JSON beta", "description": "Annoucing LINQ to JSON", "link": "", "category": [ "Json.NET", "LINQ" ] } ] } }

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