Results of AJAX Statistic for .NET Development

Simone has created another survey concerning AJAX usage with ASP.NET. The results are available, now, and it is really interesting to see that there are only small changes in the use of AJAX libraries for ASP.NET developers.

The most used Ajax/JS library among .NET developers is jQuery, which is used by the 71,4% of the users. Second comes the Ajax Control Toolkit with 58,8%, followed by the core ASP.NET Ajax library, which is used by 44,8%.

The 3 most used libraries are still the same of 2007, just with the opposite order (it was ASP.NET Ajax, the Control Toolkit and then jQuery).

He writes more about the results concerning my library:

And, despite becoming a dormant project, AJAX.NET Professional lost only 3% of the users.

Here are the results in more detail:

2007 2009 diff
jQuery 13,3% 71,4% 58,1%
AJAX Control Toolkit 49,6% 58,8% 9,2%
ASP.NET Ajax 73,7% 44,8% -28,9%
Telerik radControls 11,7% 15,6% 3,9%
Ajax.NET Professional 13,3% 10,3% -3,0%
JSON.NET 3,3% 9,7% 6,4%
Raw Ajax 11,3% 8,6% -2,7%
Prototype 11,5% 8,3% -3,2%
Yahoo! UI 5,5% 7,0% 1,5%
Ext JS 6,1% 6,1% 0,0% 9,7% 5,3% -4,4%

It is really interesting that there is only one big change, jQuery become the new #1, I use jQuery in combination with my own library since the very beginning, and this combination is still what I recommend to use.

If you have a look at the CodePlex download statistics you can see that Ajax.NET Professional is still alive:


And for those of you are interested: yes, I’m still developing my private version of Ajax.NET Professional. I have added several features that let me work with JavaScript, jQuery and ASP.NET more faster. One interesting feature I have added is the AjaxHashCode attribute that will append a __hash property to the JSON converted structure. This can be compared more faster on the client-side JavaScript code to indentify if there is a change in live data. Maybe I will have some time to publish my private version which is not 100% compatible with the public one, but maybe interesting for some of you.

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  • I'd be very interested in your private version. I have been using the Ajax.NET for my ajax for years and still prefer it to the others I've tried. If you do come out with your version that uses jQuery, will the source be available? I'd like to port it to Mootools since converting from jQuery to Mootools isn't that hard to do, but for a Mootools developer it would make all the difference in ease of integration with existing plugins.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into the .NET ajax community!

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