A call to all who love Microsoft

I listen to podcasts. I have been listening to them for about 5 years or so now. Perhaps a little over. My first few were podcasts were HanselMinutes by Scott Hanselmann and DotnetRocks by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. Throughout these 2 have been my favorite. And the single reason is that they enjoy their conversations the most. It shows that they love technology, they love the products and the enthusiasm is all over the show. I love these shows because I share the enthusiasm with them.

Microsoft has taken geekhood to a different level. I love playing with gadgets and Microsoft with its big 2004 / 4.0 releases gave me so many gadgets to play with. And it is coming up with more. Very soon you will be able to game at home… on the way to work… and then on your work PC starting exactly where you left off

I am an architect. I wear formals and go to work every day. I have nicely done short hair and wear those sophisticated horn rimmed glasses. I am a Commerce Graduate with Accountancy as major. And it took me 10 years to realize that even I might be a geek. So how do you know you are a geek? When a new windows comes out, the first thing you check out is the perfmon? When the new Windows Phone 7 looks sexier than Halle Berry? When the new version control system looks more enticing than pornography? I don’t know, to every geek his own.

I love the Hanselminutes and DotnetRocks because I share the enthusiasm with them. The problem is we rarely find people in real life to share our enthusiasm. Probably I am hanging out in all the wrong places.

Even the Microsoft User Group Hyderabad has become just a website. I remember back in the day, when I worked for Wipro Technologies, the community was so active, they had to form a core group of people to administer the administration. All I see now is announcements every now and then. I don’t see any activity and I sure as hell can’t talk to anyone.

So I have formed a linked in group. The intention is to provide people who share the passion for Microsoft Technologies and live in the Hyderabad Area, with a platform to meet up. Linked in just acts as a platform to bring people together. So although everyone is welcome, the real discussions would be happening in bars, coffee shops and house parties and not on the discussion forum.

If you feel how I feel and live in Hyderabad, perhaps you should click here and hang out with the homies.

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