.NET Celebrity Auction

Julia Lerman is auctioning off a bunch of her friends on eBay (with their consent as I understand it).  These people happen to be well known personalities on the .NET conference and blogging scene.  At the moment you can pick up an hour of consultancy time for a little over $100.  Considering that you can't usually buy quality consultancy by the hour, this is obscenely good value!

When you realize that 100% of your bid will go to help the tsunami victims of Banda Aceh rebuild their lives, bidding in this auction should be a no brainer!  Remember that it ends Feb-02-05 06:00:00 PST.  You will have to bid something over $100 otherwise you'll be out of luck.

[Our .NET Ebay Auction *is* Tax-Deductible]

I have been asked about the auction being tax deductible.


So get your clients and your companies to bid!! I told my clients about the auction and said "hey, can you hire me some help for when I get really stuck on something?" Even an hour of having someone like Kimberly Tripp take a look at their SQL Server setup would be invaluable!!

What are you waiting for?

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