Prism 2.0 – What can we expect?

   So known Prism project is making some changes on the spectrum of WPF Applications, with the first version being named  “Composite Application Guidance for WPF”, and now is preparing to make is entrance on the Silverlight Applications spectrum.

  The importance of having this kind of Guidance for Silverlight is very high because this will help developers take care of some more Business oriented issues that presently, because now much as to be made that is not Business oriented because of the early days of this technology, but this will be solved by Prism 2.0.

   And so here are some of the features we can expect in the next version of Prism:

  • Multi-targeting for WPF and Silverlight Applications
  • Component Reusability
  • Guidance for Silverlight Applications
  • Guidance for building Silverlight LOB applications
  • Modular development in Silverlight Applications

   These are some of those features, but you can check the complete scope of this version in this Blaine Wastell blog post.

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