Adobe to power NFL on the web, the race is on!

The US National Football League (NFL) and Adobe, yesterday announced that NFL has chosen Adobe Flash technology to deliver their online video content.

Personally I think this is great! But why you might say, aren’t you one of those Silverlight fan boy types?

Well even thought there might be some truth in that ;) I think looking at the bigger picture, this can only be a good thing. Adobe taking a step like this after Microsoft’s deal with NBC to broadcast the Beijing Olympics, now means the race is on for who’s technology will get to provide us with rich media content over the web. This means competition, competition in a market, which for quite a while now has been dominated by Adobe. As I’ve previously pointed out, I don’t think Silverlight will be the Flash killer media like to portray it as, but rather I think that it will provide some healthy competition to Adobe’s Flash / Flex platform. I very much look forward to seeing how this will play out. Hopefully it will mean better service to all the users on the web and better tools for us developers.

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