Sorry for the delay - meanwhile how about that SL 3.0?

As you might have noticed, I've not managed to get the code up for the Menu animation *blushing with shame*.
First I was extremly busy at work then I managed to steal a week away to go on the first proper holiday I've had for years! 

For anyone waiting, I apologiese,the code is done and cleaned up, now I just need to do the write up :)

Meanwhile take a moment and ponder your wishlist for Silverlight 3.0, once you're done head over to Scott Barnes at the Mossyblog Times and submit it :)

Scott is the Product Manager on the Rich Client Platform team,dealing with Silverlight WPF etc. He's recently put out the call for the community's requests for Silverlight 3.0 so here's your chance to tell someone who's actually in a position to do something about it!


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