Web services, VSM, DOM interaction and other goodies


I’ve been playing around with a pet project lately calling web services, using VSM and interacting with the DOM etc.and I've finally gotten it to a state where I reckon it's wort show it to people without feeling ashamed ;)

I’ve implemented it on http://www.olakarlsson.com/ , excuse the sparseness of the site, it’s a work in progress ;),  what you’re looking for though is in the upper left corner of the browser window, it’s the “myFlickr” button.

I’m planning on trying to do a proper write up about it at some stage but to family commitments, it might not happen for a while....

A quick glance at the things that have gone in there however

· Calling Flickr Web service

· Using VSM for the UI

· Some Templates for the buttons

· Interaction with the HTML Dom and JS

The big one in my opinion, and which I’m pretty please with how it worked out is, that the flyout overlays the HTML but when it’s in the “out” state, it takes the div for the Silverlight HTML plugin with it, out of the window, so You can still interact with the HTML underneath, I hope that makes sense.

There’s some work still to be done, especially in the transitions between different states and some of the button effects etc., also it would be nice to pull in the info about the selected image from Flickr. But that's for version2 :)

Any constructive feedback is welcome.



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