Silverlight Pagecast - Keep an eye on Silverlight stuffs

It looks like a lot is happening on the web related to Silverlight. It's pretty difficult to keep track of all the websites, blogs, videos, links that get published every day or so. So, I created a Silverlight Pagecast ( to stay on top of everything's related to Silverlight. In one page, you get to see website, MSDN's Silverlight Page, read most popular blogs on Silverlight, rss feeds from Silverlight websites, delicious bookmarks made by community on Silverlight, any blog mention on the web about Silverlight, videos on Silverlight and many more. As I discover more and more stuffs, I will keep adding them on this pagecast.


It's your one stop shop for all Silverlight action on the web.

You can also checkout my other pagecast where I have added lots of .NET related stuffs including many .NET related Podcasts.

Feel free to recommend stuffs to put on these pagecasts.I would love to showcase your own work also.

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