"No files were found to look in"

Today I was really frustrated trying to use the search on Visual Studio, I was searching for something I was sure it was somewhere in the code, but Visual Studio didn't find anything. I searched again and again thinking that maybe I checked some 'don't show any results" checkbox, I even started to believe that that piece of code I was looking for didn't exist, even though I saw it a thousand times, fortunately I decided to read what was written in the search results window:


Then I consulted Dr Google who lead me to many forums and blogs and found that the solution to this is to press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Pause, and when I tried this it worked like charmed.

Still I'm curious to know:

  • What the hell does Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Pause do?
  • Since there is no official information about this well-known old bug, how did the first person discover such a combination?
  • If some developer at microsoft created an event for this combination to solve the problem, why didn't he do what solves the problem right away when the problem arrives?


  • I got this last week, a colleague of mine got it about a month ago.

    I also saw Ctrl+Scroll Lock and Control-Break listed as key sequences to "fix" it.

    What state is VS in when it ignores all files? Is there some add situation where this behavior is desirable?

  • It's happened many times to me.

    My research with Google (way way back) revealed that Ctrl+Break is the solution.

    BTW: Break and Pause the same key on my keyboard. That would explain the Ctrl+Pause key combination being valid.

  • I don't even know what to say, this made things so much eaesir!

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