TechFest 2006 - Santa Fe

Today is the launch of TechFest - a new "one-to-many" approach created by Randy Rands with Microsoft.  In his opening session, Randy highlighted the purpose of TechFest - to inform the technical community (infrastructure or development) what to think about moving forward with current or new projects.  Randy quoted Gretzky (and I am going to paraphrase this) in that the "Great One" was great by going to where the puck was going to be, not where it was.  Likewise, we should be observant as to where technology is going to be.  That is the spirit of TechFest.  Today is the first instance (geek speak) of TechFest, which will be followed by a repeat tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ.  I am closing the developer track today showcasing WPF technologies.

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