What's going on with C#, XAML and .NET: we can see just the top of the aisberg ... I'd like to touch the whole future that's coming

Today, like many other TechEd attendee, I attended the session of Chris Anderson. It was a very effective presentation, about how to leverage XAML markup serialization to represent code with markup. The idea is obviously smart, above all because you can imagine a software written in markup and compiled and executed on a case by case basis, using WPF, SilverLight, whatever ... depending on the client environment, but with always the same XAML code under the cover.

By the way I think this is not the only positive side effect of markup programming (let me call it this way). The real power of this new technique of programming is that you can concentrate on what you want (write message, save customer, load report, sell product, etc.) and you don't need to focus on how to achieve your result. This means not only declarative programming, but also multi-platform support and above all parallel programming, transparent to the developer. WF programming represents a first step toward this goal.

I guess what we've seen today was just a drop in the sea of what's going on ... I'd like to see more ... :-)

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