Happy To Be... An MVP.. Again...Again!!!

I am once again honored to announce that I have received a Microsoft MVP (Visual Developer - Visual Basic) award for 2008.  Much thanks to Akim and Vicki my new MVP Leads here in the UK. 

As I look back to when I made a similar announcement last year I would never have imagined the events that have lead me to where I am today.  My wife and I started 2007 on the losing end of a bitter and expensive custody battle for two children who we felt needed our help.  At the end of March, I wrapped up one of a seemingly endless stream of consulting projects, this one having me travel full-time during the week to Houston while still living in Dallas.  After fifteen years of being an independent consultant, I was ready for something new.  It was just about that time when a friend sent an email that his company was looking for people in London and New York.  I half jokingly asked my wife if she'd want to move to London, to which she fatefully said "Sure, why not".  That one statement would lead to the end of my consulting practice and me taking a full-time job for a firm who moved my wife and me to London. 

Things didn't go well at first, the adjustment to living in London was a lot harder than I expected and things went bad quickly with the new job.  But things are much better now.  I have a new job that might be one of the most challenging positions I've ever had.  We finally found a place to live and managed to get moved in after more than three months of living out of suitcases.  I still miss my family and friends and also my dogs Maggie and Libby.  But since coming to Europe, I've been to Spain twice, I've driven across the whole of France, and visited Paris twice. 

Looking forward to 2008 it's tough to say what the year will have in store.  My new job is going to have me hopping, but I do have plans for getting more involved with the local developer communities.  I am looking forward to adding Italy, Greece, and maybe Prague or St. Petersburg to my list of adventures.  And I am looking forward to a trip home to see family and friends as well as my fellow MVPs at the MVP Summit in April.  All in all, I think its going to be a very good year.


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