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Microsoft, Eurocrats And Internet Explorer

I’m all against monopolies, so I’m glad the Eurocrats are putting my tax payer Euros to good use.

But it also got me thinking.

If I buy something like an operating system, I expect the vendor to be responsible for what I’m buying. Does anyone think Microsoft will ever accept any responsibility for software that it hasn’t built and is forced to bundle into its products. They probably make some disclaimer like “We didn’t build this. We were forced to put this here and we totally discourage its use.”. That will boost other browsers.

Probably the Eurocrats are planning to take that responsibility themselves. I think there’s a greater possibility for Microsoft to take responsibility for something they didn’t built and were forced to bundle into their products.

On the other hand, a personal computer is becoming something like an household appliance. Do you expect to download a timer for your microwave oven before being able to use it? I don’t.

Internet Explorer is built to be parte of Windows and to be freely used by any application running on Windows. Any other we browser could be built the same way, why aren’t they?

Why isn’t anyone thinking of forcing Microsoft to allow for third party components to replace parts of Internet Explorer? Probably because no one cares about build applications that are good Windows “citizens”.

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