CodeCampOz is underway!

I am currently sitting in the presentation room here at CodeCampOz in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. This is the first code camp in Australia and it has enjoyed a fantastic turnout. Approx 300 people, and we have already seen some great speakers such as Mitch Denny on the Base class library, Greg Low on SQL Server, and Adam Cogan showing some ASP.NET features such as Databinding, Caching and numerous other enhancements.

I hope to actually get some photos posted (I have to take some first ...), but for now am looking forward to further presentations from Andrew Coates of Microsoft on Click Once, Darren Neimke from readify on ASP.NET 2.0 Web parts, Dominic Cooney, Joel Pobar and basically a chock full day of content enough to make to most ardent geeks happy.

Andrew Coates is now in full swing, so better pay attention, back to the presntations....

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