ASP.NET Podcast Show #26 - Bob Beauchemin gets interviewed.

As you have probably already guessed, Wally has pumped out another podcast. I simply cannot keep up right now but am hoping to make some time and actually do something on the next podcast or two.


This time, he interviews Bob Beauchemin, a guru in the IT industry.


Show notes and details are below:


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Show Notes

  • More on the Alabama Code Camp.
    • Speaker Event on Friday.
    • Bruce Thomas.
    • Joe Healy.
    • Russ Fustino.
    • Paul Lockwood.
    • Wally and Laura Allison.
    • Lori, the goddess of knowledge.
    • David Silverlight, all the way from Miami.
    • Vinay Ahuja, from Jacksonville.
    • The “Sir Wally” label just won’t go away……….
  • My buddy Phil Winstanley and our pictures.
  • Audio quality and some of our improved equipment.
  • Thanks go out to Scott @ ORCSWeb.  Did you know that ORCSWeb host’s:
  • Check out SDI.
  • The Guru of Gurus - Bob Beauchemin’s Interview.  FYI, my old headphone/microphone set puts some background noise in.  I have new headphones, but no new interviews with them, yet.
  • Visual Studio .NET 2005 and Sql Server 2005 are launched.
    • MSDN. – If you can download them, they are “launched” in my book.  Besides, there is no way to put that genie back in that bottle.
    • November 7 for Official Launch Events.
    • Various staggered events over the next month.
    • Check out for specific information.

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