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So Rob Howard has announced blogmailr, and I used it for the first time to do my last post. Its pretty cool as one of my most used clients is Outlook, and I can use it to blog which makes me happy. Although, being the lazy, forgetful person I am, I need to make things even easier.

One of the things I often forget to do is put tags onto my blog posts and now that I am using blogmailr, I wanted an easy way to do this without having to actually remember to do it (yes, remembering is hard work).

So, I set up a new mail account in Outlook (using the appropriate mail account defined in blogmailr), called it Glavs Blog, and set the signature to always be the set of default tags. That way, its in front of me and I can edit it if I choose. At worst, I’ll forget, but it will still contain tags for .Net and ASP.NET, my default set.




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