AJAX Control Toolkit New Release and Orcas

A new release of the AJAX Control toolkit has just hit the airwaves. It contains a bunch of fixes in there, as well as some new controls, specifically the ListSearch and Slideshow controls. In addition, all release bits now use compressed javascript files stripped of xml comments and safe whitespace

The toolkit is now up to Version 1.0.10301.0 and its one of the (if not -the-) most downloaded packages from Codeplex. I am pretty happy to be a part of it and its really cool to see new community members jumping in and creating new controls. My part in this release was incredibly minor with a very easy fix to the PasswordStrengthExtender control. I have a new control in prototype form, and as soon as I get my book writing committments out of the way, I'll actually polish it up and finish it.

On a slightly related note, its uber cool to see that Javascript intellisense is available in the latest Orcas build which I have yet to download but will eagerly do so to have a look, particularly with ASP.NET AJAX Support. This will be a massive help in productivity when working with ASP.NET AJAX.

Also of note, is the fact that the tookit is already being actively tested against Orcas build which should ensure a really polished product when Orcas ships.

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