ASP.NET Podcast statistics

Wally sent me some log files that show how much traffic we are getting for the latest ASP.NET Podcasts. We are getting some really good stats (well I think they are good, but are probably pretty small compared to the bigger sites and more popular podcasts). We have been clocking in at up to 12,000 downloads for one of the more popular videos that Wally did, and I think my Scott Guthrie interview is getting around 6000-7000 downloads.


What was really interesting out of those stats was that we got 1 download from someone with an Amiga system. Yes, 1 hit. The Amiga still lives on. This brought back memories for me as I used to own an Amiga 500, then 3000 before I got into PC’s in a big way. Prior to that was the ever popular Commodore 64. Ahhh the memories.....




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