Sydney Architecture User Group – Next Meeting: Why Windows Azure is not just Generic Brand Web Hosting

The Sydney Architecture User Group is having its second meeting this month on Thursday, 26th November. Full details can be found on our new (but very simple) website located here ( ). You can subscribe to the monthly email and also indicate your intention to come by selecting the RSVP option (which would be really nice if you did :-) )

Here is what the next Sydney Architecture meeting has in store. Hope to see you there.

Why Windows Azure is not just Generic Brand Web Hosting

Presenter Nick Randolph
Date/Time: Thursday 26/11/2009 06:00 PM
Where: Grace Hotel , Function Room 77 York st Sydney,NSW. 2000


If you take only a glimpse at the offerings on the Windows Azure platform it may just appear to be a form of generic/home brand web hosting from Microsoft. However you’d be sorely mistaken as the platform is significantly different from not only traditional web hosting offerings but also from its competitors in the cloud computing space. In this session we will cover the unique offerings of cloud computing before looking at each of the components of the Windows Azure platform. Cloud computing is new, hot and sexy, but does that mean it’s right for you? Make sure you’re ready to interact and discuss the relative merits of building on the cloud.

Presenter Bio

Nick currently runs Built To Roam ( which focuses on building rich mobile applications. Previously Nick was co-founder and Development Manager for nsquared solutions where he lead a team of developers to build inspirational software using next wave technology. Prior to nsquared, Nick was the lead developer at Intilecta Corporation where he was integrally involved in designing and building their application framework.

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